Dental Veneers Changed My Life

Dental Veneers Changed My Life

  • What To Expect From Your Dental Implant Process

    If you are missing one or more teeth, chances are good that you are considering a dental implant. Dental implants are made from titanium and are attached to your jawbone. A titanium implant has a cap on it, giving the impression that you are not missing any teeth. You need to get dental implants if you are worried about maintaining a healthy-looking smile because, if there is a gap between any of your teeth, your other teeth will start to collapse inwards towards that gap.

  • Simple Tips To Help Your Toddler's Dental Apointment Go Smoothly

    Taking your child to the dentist can be nerve wracking enough. However, when your child is a toddler that has a lot of energy it can be even more difficult. By being creative and taking some extra steps when planning your child's trip to the dentist, you can make the entire appointment go much better for both of you, as well as for the dental staff. Work with your child's schedule

  • 2 Emerging Natural Treatments For Gum Disease That Can Help You With Your Struggle For Good Oral Health

    While many people can improve their gum health after being diagnosed with gum disease by simply becoming dedicated to good oral hygiene, you may be having a harder time getting rid of it if you have an underlying health condition that makes fighting it more difficult, like diabetes. You may be happy to hear that there is a lot of research going on that is aimed at finding better gum disease treatments for stubborn cases of gum disease, and many of the treatments are natural.

  • Helpful Tips For Keeping Your Teeth Look As Healthy As Possible

    If you are on a mission to make sure that your teeth look as healthy as possible, you will want to make sure that you are following some of the helpful tips listed below. Get Your Teeth Whitened Professionally It might be tempting to try to whiten your teeth at home, especially since it is convenient to simply pick up a tooth whitener at your local drug or department store.

  • Saving Money On A Dental Crown

    Dental work tends to be expensive, and for good reason: Not only are the materials and equipment pricey, but many dental procedures take a great deal of time and effort. While you may understand why prices are high, it can be frustrating to need expensive dental care and not have the funds to pay for it. If you have been told that you need to have a dental crown, you might be overwhelmed by the prospect of spending a thousand dollars or more.

  • About Me

    Dental Veneers Changed My Life

    I have never liked my teeth. I had a lot of dental problems, including deep staining and oddly shaped teeth. Every tooth did not have the same shape, and some were rounded while others were more square. Not surprisingly, I never smiled in pictures and not even much in real life. This left people thinking I was mean before they even met me. My dentist told me my best bet to improve the look of my smile was a set of porcelain dental veneers. He said they could make all my teeth white and the same shape. I said I wanted them without any hesitation, and we scheduled my procedures. I love my new teeth, and they really did change my life. I created this blog to help other people living with teeth they don't like realize that they do have options that can improve their smiles and their lives.