Dental Veneers Changed My Life

Dental Veneers Changed My Life

  • Taking Care Of Your Teeth During Pregnancy

    If you are pregnant, your body is experiencing many hormonal changes. These changes will affect your teeth and gums, making it important to continue with a regular dental cleaning routine throughout the duration of your pregnancy. Here are some tips you can use to keep your teeth in the best of shape while you are awaiting the birth of your child. Should I See A Dentist? When pregnant, it is even more important that you see a dentist than when you are not pregnant.

  • Ginger Fun! An Oral-Enhancing Treat Your Family Can Enjoy

    Keeping your family's oral health in good condition does take a commitment. You have to keep up with regular dental visits, and you have to make sure everyone is keeping up with their oral care regimen. Yet, these commitments may not include sweets. But the following sweet ginger chews recipe will fix that. The Oral-Enhancing Secrets Behind The Ginger Chews Pay attention to the following oral-enhancing ingredients: 1. Xylitol The first ingredient you need to pay attention to is the natural sugar that you will use to coat your ginger chews.

  • Tips For Caring For Your Dental Implant

    Dental implants are an excellent option for anyone who is missing one or several teeth. Implants are permanently attached to the jaw bone, so they are long lasting and look like natural teeth. But like natural teeth, they do need to be cared for properly to keep both the implant and the gum tissue surrounding the implant in good shape. If you are planning on getting a dental implant, the following tips will help you learn how to care for it:

  • A Healthy Soft Food Meal Plan After Getting New Braces

    For many people, new braces can make it hard to smile, breathe, and even eat. Thankfully, there are a wide variety of soft foods you can eat to avoid going hungry while you suffer from braces pain.  Follow this basic meal plan to get through this difficult healing process. Breakfast Start by making a healthy helping of soft breakfast oats. You can use either quick oats or slow-cook oats: it doesn't matter much.

  • 2 Ways Braces Can Provide Dental Correction For A Painful Overbite

    An overbite happens when upper teeth protrude further than the lower teeth. This noticeable overbite can make you self-conscious about your smile. The misalignment can also cause you a deal of discomfort and pain from the way your jaw has to shift in order to chew or close your mouth comfortably. Having a dentist correct the overbite can ease that pain. The treatment method will depend on the cause of your overbite.

  • About Me

    Dental Veneers Changed My Life

    I have never liked my teeth. I had a lot of dental problems, including deep staining and oddly shaped teeth. Every tooth did not have the same shape, and some were rounded while others were more square. Not surprisingly, I never smiled in pictures and not even much in real life. This left people thinking I was mean before they even met me. My dentist told me my best bet to improve the look of my smile was a set of porcelain dental veneers. He said they could make all my teeth white and the same shape. I said I wanted them without any hesitation, and we scheduled my procedures. I love my new teeth, and they really did change my life. I created this blog to help other people living with teeth they don't like realize that they do have options that can improve their smiles and their lives.