Dental Veneers Changed My Life

Dental Veneers Changed My Life

Dental Implants: Three Possible Obstacles

by Harold Coleman

After seeing dental implant advertisements, you might already be feeling upbeat and excited about ways to eliminate teeth gaps. Implants can indeed fill out one's smile, but it's not necessarily something everyone can do. In fact, these four obstacles could mean an oral surgeon insists upon waiting to put any implants into your mouth.


Cavities, in part, are related to oral bacteria that feed on sugar and other compounds, resulting in holes and other problems with teeth. Minor cavities may not concern you because you're pain-free; however, hearing an oral surgeon won't provide implants because of cavities could distress you. Be aware that implant installation needs to be as bacteria-free as it can be, because serious infections can take hold in or around the implantation site. Until cavities have been filled and that area of the mouth has been inspected and cleared, you're likely risking oral health by getting implants.

2-Poor Bone Density

The density of your bones has probably never been a real consideration for you, especially if you're quite young. However, your dentist or oral surgeon will probably test bone density before allowing any implants. Low density might indicate real, specific problems with the strength of your jaw bones. This will affect any implants because the titanium base of an implant must be drilled deep and installed into an existing jaw. Your jaws must be rather strong unless you want lasting problems post-procedure. 

Luckily, a weak jaw is problematic, but fixable. With calcium, Vitamin D, and other healthy substances consumed through diet or supplements, your physician will keep testing you for compliance with bone density requirements—they'll approve you when your jaw is stronger.


You probably never want to hear another bad word about your smoking practice from anyone because you think you already understand all smoking-related health risks. However, smoking provides unique challenges to people who want implants. This is principally because smoke, tar, and other cigarette components could disrupt the normal circulation of the body's blood; cells near the implant need that circulation. Good circulation ensures nutrients and clean oxygen reach implant sites, which hasten healing. If you're smoking, you could be jeopardizing your own healing and your surgeon or dentist could recommend waiting until the habit's been kicked.

Dental implants require clean, healthy oral conditions before installation is possible. Keep talking with dentists, oral surgeons, and other professionals to feel sure your mouth is ready for the implants you're wanting.


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Dental Veneers Changed My Life

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