Dental Veneers Changed My Life

Dental Veneers Changed My Life

  • Understanding Loose Dental Crown Issues

    If you have a severely damaged tooth in your mouth, then do not be surprised if your dentist tells you that you need a crown to repair the tooth. Dental crowns are meant to last a lifetime, but the tooth coverings will sometimes loosen. Keep reading to learn why this may happen and also what you can do about the issue.  Why Does A Dental Crown Loosen? Dental crowns are made with the assistance of molds and high-tech dental equipment.

  • 3 Tips For Keeping Your Teeth White After Having Them Whitened By Your Cosmetic Dentist

    A lot of people desire to have white teeth so that they can feel confident and happy when they smile and when they speak. However, a lot of times this isn't possible with toothpaste alone. Also, over-the-counter whitening strips or other treatments can sometimes be harmful to your teeth and weaken your enamel. The safest and most effective way to get your teeth whitened is to visit a cosmetic dentist. They can whiten your teeth without causing damage or pain.

  • A Few Reasons to Choose a Pediatric Dentist

    When it is time to take your child to a dentist, it can be very hard to choose what dentist. You are likely to find that there are several dentists in your area, but choosing the right one can be very difficult. If you have not given serious consideration to a pediatric dentist, you should. A pediatric dentist can provide you and your child with a range of services that you may not find at a normal dentist office.

  • Lessening The Discomfort Of Dental Sensitivity

    Having sensitive teeth can be difficult. You may experience waves of pain or discomfort each time you eat or drink something cold, such as ice cream, or something hot, such as coffee. Still, dental sensitivity can be minimized through proper measures. Here is a bit of information about dental sensitivity and how the discomfort associated with the condition can be lessened. Why does dental sensitivity occur? Dental sensitivity is often due to exposure of the tubules within the dentin of your teeth to hot or cold stimuli.

  • 4 Ways to Deal with Receding Gum Lines

    If you have receding gum lines, then your first step toward dealing with the issue is to get into the dental office so the dentist can give you a complete exam and determine the cause. Then, they can help you with possible treatments and advice to help you deal with the problem correctly. Until you go to the cosmetic dentist, there are things you can do to decrease the likeliness of the situation getting much worse in the meantime.

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Dental Veneers Changed My Life

I have never liked my teeth. I had a lot of dental problems, including deep staining and oddly shaped teeth. Every tooth did not have the same shape, and some were rounded while others were more square. Not surprisingly, I never smiled in pictures and not even much in real life. This left people thinking I was mean before they even met me. My dentist told me my best bet to improve the look of my smile was a set of porcelain dental veneers. He said they could make all my teeth white and the same shape. I said I wanted them without any hesitation, and we scheduled my procedures. I love my new teeth, and they really did change my life. I created this blog to help other people living with teeth they don't like realize that they do have options that can improve their smiles and their lives.