Dental Veneers Changed My Life

Dental Veneers Changed My Life

Potential Complications Of Dental Tourism

by Harold Coleman

Some people use dental tourism to get 'cheap' dental treatments outside the country. That might work to your favor, but it is also fraught with some complications. Here are some of those complications.

Language Barrier

Communication is critical to any form of medical or dental treatment. You need to understand your dentist, and they also need to understand you clearly. A communication barrier arises if you seek dental treatment from a dentist that doesn't speak the same language as you. This might be the case in some foreign countries. As a result, your treatment process might not be as efficient as it would have been without the language barrier.

Different Standards

The American Dental Association (ADA) sets rigorous standards that the dental industry, from dentists to product manufacturers, must adhere to for the benefit of patients. Some countries, especially those that are not as developed as the U.S., might lack comparable standards. As a result, your treatment might fail to be of the same quality as you would have received at home.

Follow-Up Treatments

Many dental treatments require follow-up visits. The follow-up visits help with recovery and identification of emerging complications so you can deal with them as soon as possible. Although you may get the follow-up checkup from any dentist, cases, the dentist who offered you the initial treatment is best placed to offer you the follow-up treatment. The initial dentist has an intimate understanding of your case and treatment. This can be difficult to achieve if you get your treatment in a foreign country.

Travel and Recovery Issues

If you have received a major dental treatment, for example, if the treatment involved invasive surgery, then you need ample time to heal before you stress your body further. Unfortunately, the issues of limited resources and life's demand (such as family) might make that difficult to do in a foreign country. You might find yourself flying back home soon after treatment, thereby stressing your body and complicating your recovery.

Exposure to Uncommon Germs

Your body is exposed to germs every day, and some of them may make you a little bit sick. Over time, your body develops immunity to these germs so that you don't get sick from them anymore even if you are fully exposed to them. However, the germs that are common in your locale might not be the same germs that you might be exposed to if you seek treatment abroad. That means you might get terribly sick if you are exposed to some of the 'foreign' germs during treatment.

Don't forget that your dental insurance is unlikely to cover your treatment outside the country unless it's an emergency. If cost is the main reason for seeking treatment elsewhere, talk to your dentist on how you can get affordable treatment within the country. Try this website to find a dentist near you.


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Dental Veneers Changed My Life

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