Dental Veneers Changed My Life

Dental Veneers Changed My Life

Zinc Exposure: Don't Let Your Denture Paste Make You Sick

by Harold Coleman

When you wear dentures, you need to understand the line of products that will be needed to take care of the dentures and wear them comfortably. One thing that many denture wearers aren't aware of is the fact that denture paste may contain zinc. This can become a problem. Here, you'll find some information about zinc toxicity and what you can do to protect yourself from it.

Symptoms of Zinc Toxicity

The symptoms of zinc toxicity will vary depending on how long and how much you've been exposed to. Symptoms include things like diarrhea, stomach cramps, nausea, vomiting, headaches, and loss of appetite.

Continued overexposure will cause the symptoms to worsen over time, and actually lead to other problems, including fever, urinary tract infections, anemia, fatigue, fainting, and even seizures.

If you've been experiencing these symptoms and have yet to find a reason why, the problem could be related to zinc and how much your body has been exposed to.

Medical Treatment

Medical treatment is needed immediately if you've experienced seizures, struggle to catch your breath, have problems urinating, suffer extreme vomiting, or experience fainting. If you ignore these symptoms and do not seek medical treatment, you will be putting your nervous system at risk. It could be irreversibly damaged.

Treatment for zinc toxicity varies depending on the level of exposure and how the zinc was ingested. Mild exposure can be treated with a glass of milk. The milk helps to line your stomach and prevent further irritation. If you've ingested higher levels of zinc, the doctor may pump your stomach, give you IV fluids, and prescribe medications to undo and treat the damage that's been done.

Avoid Exposure

The amount of zinc in the denture paste is minimal, but when it's used in combination with other products that contain zinc, it can cause complications.

There are zinc-free denture pastes for you to choose from, but if you've found a brand that you love that contains zinc, you should be fine using it if you limit, or eliminate the other products that contain zinc from your diet and lifestyle.

Foods that contain zinc include: seafood, meats, eggs, nuts, grains, and cheese. Your body does need some zinc, but when you consume a lot of these foods and use the denture paste with the zinc in it, you could be putting yourself at risk of zinc exposure.

Talk with your dentist to learn more about the denture products that contain zinc and the alternative options marketed. For more information, check out websites like


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Dental Veneers Changed My Life

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