Dental Veneers Changed My Life

Dental Veneers Changed My Life

Pummeled By The Thanksgiving Day Pigskin: Emergency Dental Services Available To You

by Harold Coleman

Most people would rather watch football on TV on Thanksgiving than actually participate in it. However, there are also some families that take a great deal of pride in throwing around "the old pigskin" before their big meal. If you belong to such a family and you or another family member gets a face full of football, you may find that you have a few teeth loose, chipped, or broken. If that is the case, and you are wondering what you can do (medically and dentally speaking) on a major national holiday, here is what you can do.

Contact the Emergency Dental Services Number of Your Own Dentist

Since most people head out of town to enjoy Thanksgiving with extended family, calling the emergency number of your own dentist is a long shot, but you should try anyway. If your dentist is out of town, or does not respond within fifteen minutes, you should reach out to another emergency dental group/dentist. You can also head to the local emergency room, which may be advisable while you wait for your own dentist to respond.

Head to the Emergency Room at the Hospital

If your teeth are knocked out completely or badly broken, you definitely should head to the emergency room at the hospital. The hospital has staff on, even on Thanksgiving, and they should be able to start the preliminary dental work to restore your teeth until an emergency dentist (or your dentist) has arrived. Since you only have thirty minutes to restore your knocked out or broken teeth to their original positions and intact positions before the teeth die and an infection can set in, time is of the essence.

Self-Care Until You Get There

There are some things you can do to help preserve the damaged or knocked out teeth until the dentist/doctor arrives. Put the teeth back in their sockets if you can and bite down on a thickly rolled napkin with ice in the middle. If the teeth are broken, gather the broken pieces up, place them in cool water, and take them with you to the hospital or the dentist's office. You may also buy some emergency dental sealant kits from the local pharmacy to "glue" the breaks, chips and cracks back together. If the pharmacy is on the way to the hospital, you can stop. Otherwise, forget these sealant kits and head straight to the dentist's office or hospital ER while you still have time.

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Dental Veneers Changed My Life

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