Dental Veneers Changed My Life

Dental Veneers Changed My Life

Recent Reports Aside, Encourage Your Children To Floss Their Teeth For These Benefits

by Harold Coleman

In August of 2016, an Associated Press report suggested that flossing your teeth daily doesn't have the high degree of value that society has recently believed. If you have teenagers, they may have heard about this report and perhaps are using it as ammunition to protest your constant requests that they floss their teeth daily. What your teens might not know, however, is that many dentists and dental care organizations have vehemently protested this report, and continue to emphasize the value of flossing. If you start to get pushback from your kids when it's flossing time, talk about these benefits of this exercise.

Decreased Risk Of Cavities

Perhaps the biggest benefit of flossing is that it will reach areas that your teenagers won't be able to access with their toothbrushes. This is especially advantageous for those with gaps between their teeth that are predisposed to getting food caught. When food is trapped between the teeth and not removed, it will eventually begin to rot. Over time, this rotting food can weaken the tooth enamel and heighten the risk of cavities. Your teen likely doesn't want to spend time having cavities filled, so make sure that they know of the decreased risk of cavities because of flossing.

Less Bad Breath

Rotting food trapped between the teeth doesn't just increase the risk of cavities — it can also cause bad breath for your teens. The rotting process smells bad; all you need to do is smell a strand of dental floss after you've removed some stuck food from between your teeth. Whether they're into dating or just don't want to be self-conscious among their peer group, your teens' ears will likely perk up when you share with them that flossing will decrease their chance of bad breath.

Improved Gum Health

Another key benefit of regular flossing is that it can augment the health of your teenagers' gums. Because decomposing food is no longer being held against the gums, they won't come into contact with the excessive amount of bacteria that is released during the rotting process. Unhealthy gums can bleed easily and even look visually unattractive. Your teens likely won't want to experience this issue, so they should hopefully heed your advice. If you're still having trouble reinforcing the need to floss, make sure to bring up the issue the next time your teens visit the dentist, and he or she will likely support what you're saying.

For more information and advice on how to encourage your teen to floss, talk to a dentist at an office like Randolph Dental Group.


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Dental Veneers Changed My Life

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